Body Of Work: Rob Lowe

As far as heartthrobs go, it doesn’t get much more iconic than Rob Lowe. We first dropped a Rob Load to his lengthy nude scene in the 1986 hockey movie Youngblood. Since then the hottie has shown off his nude body in About Last Night…, Masquerade, Bad Influence, and I Melt With You! And yes, we see Rob’s rod.

Til Schweiger


Til Schweiger is a prominent German director and producer but we’re more interested in this hottie’s naked body! That’s saying a lot, because this guys is killing it back home. Case and point: Til wrote, produced and directed Rabbit Without Ears, the 2007 romantic comedy that went on to gross seventy-four million dollars, making it the sixth most successful German film of all time!

Matt Czuchry


Matt Czuchry (that’s pronounced “zoo-cree,” for those of you who don’t speak fluent Ukranian), was born in 1977, and quite frankly, had no initial intention to be an actor. Instead, Matt went to college in Charleston, where he was the captain of the tennis team and a history and political science major. He wanted to go to law school—even after the professor of his only theater…