Company Loyalty

Darla can’t believe her ears as she sighs with relief, prompting Seth to ask if something is wrong. Although she’s embarrassed, she admits that she honestly thought he was firing her! The young boss is shocked — that wasn’t his intention at all! No, he just wanted to give her a little token of appreciation for all of her hard work. He’s sorry for scaring her like that.

Grand Mother’s Blessing

She’s heard SO much about him, it’s great to put a face to the name, Rita says. ‘I’ve been anxious to put a face to the name too! And a very BEAUTIFUL face, if I might add,’ Johnny says. Oh, he is SUCH a suck-up, Alison says playfully. No, he’s serious! He can see where Alison got her good looks, he adds. Well, he’s VERY sweet, but she’s actually Alison’s STEP-grandmother, Rita says as the trio sits down on the couch. Oh that’s right, he forgot. Well, even so, he stands by what he said, he says warmly. Rita smiles at him in return. There is a brief electric moment between Rita and Johnny.