The legendary adult industry pioneer

LOS ANGELES — Legendary adult industry pioneer and Free Speech icon Larry Flynt has passed away at 78.The news was first announced by entertainment gossip site TMZ, and confirmed by other sources.”Family sources tell us the mogul passed Wednesday morning in Los Angeles from heart failure,” TMZ reported in the afternoon.A few hours later, Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) released the following official announcement:On behalf of the entire Hustler family, few words can accurately describe our sadness. Our hearts are broken. Larry Flynt was not just a man who built a publishing empire, and he was not just a boss or a colleague; he was a mentor, a friend, someone to be admired. His antics are legendary, his stories incredible, his fight for the First Amendment and our civil liberties, including same-sex marriage, honorable. Larry was a man who spoke the truth and never shied away from fighting for what he felt was right. Larry was remarkable in every way. The entire Hustler family is shattered. We will pick up where he left off and continue his crusade, calling out Washington’s hypocrisy and holding people accountable. Larry was a legend, a friend, a husband, a father, a Hustler. He will live in our hearts forever.Larry Claxton Flynt Jr. passed away earlier today, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, in Los Angeles at the age of 78, from the recent onset of a sudden illness. He passed quietly in his sleep at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with his wife Liz and daughter Theresa by his side.2 Attachments  ReplyForward

Breaking News: Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine founder

Larry Flynt, who built a pornographic publishing empire before becoming First Amendment champion, dies
Flynt, the son of a dirt-poor Kentucky sharecropper, amassed a pornographic publishing empire and later became an unlikely First Amendment champion and self-appointed arbitrator of political hypocrisy.

The Hustler Magazine founder, who died at 78, had suffered numerous health complications since he was shot and paralyzed in 1978 by a white supremacist as Flynt was arriving for an obscenity trial in Georgia.
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Seven Hot Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Sex This Year

James Bartholet and Inside The Industry Present; Seven Hot Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Sex This Year

1. Have some fun with sex toys and even a couple’s vibrator. You can get toys everywhere, and it’s fun discovering and exploring with toys together.

2. Get high on love. If you want to make your V-day extra special, try a CBD-infused lube that will give you the best high.

3. Play with temperature. this is your sign to bring some heat (or chill) to the bedroom. Temperature play is what happens when you use hot and cold sensations to add a lil spice in the bedroom. (Think ice cubes, hot water, candles, etc.)

4. Write out your fantasies. As hot as it might be to have your S.O. whisper their fantasies to you, the truth is that saying those fantasies out loud can be a lil nerve-racking. “Putting pen to paper could help you unlock your sexual confidence.

5. Take a virtual couples tantra class together. It doesn’t have to be tantra—any workshop or class will do—but tantra especially would be fitting for hot V-Day sex, as you and your partner will reap the rewards even after that class.

6. Spice up your sex with some role-play. Plan on meeting at a “bar” in your kitchen. Then, introduce yourself to your significant other when they happen to sit right next to you. From then on, you two can play out a situation with completely different occupations and names. The possibilities are endless! Take it to the bedroom and end your role-play fantasy with a bang.

7. Cook a sexy dinner together. Trying to find a dinner reservation in these Covid times can be a bit of a challenge, so eat at home this year. Cooking together can be fun, and making a romantic dinner together can lead to a lot of fun in the kitchen (remember that scene from 9 ½ weeks?) as well as fun at the dinner table. Be creative.