Dustin Holloway & Johnny V


Dustin Holloway is back and this time he’s being topped by Johnny V. Dustin loves to have his ass eaten and fucked and Johnny was the person that wanted to the most so we get to watch it happen. Johnny starts by eating Dustin’s pink hole and teasing it with his cock. After Dustin moans and begs for Johnny’s cock, Johnny sticks it in and fucks his hole with Dustin on his back. Then he gets flipped over and Johnny pounds him from behind before they both erupt in a huge load!

Joey D & Rex Cameron

Joey D & Rex Cameron

When Rex Cameron hit up the hunks and wanted to shoot, there was no second thought. This man is the embodiment of hunk and we wasted no time getting him together with Joey D. Rex begins by worshiping Joey’s pumped muscles then moves down and swallows that enormous meat. Joey of course has to get Rex’s hole ready for his cock so he spits on and fingers that smooth ass. Flipping Rex around, Joey enters him from behind and Rex takes the pounding like a champ. Then Joey flips him on his back and pounds Rex, choking him until they both blow their juicy loads all over Rex’s tight abs.



Alberto Esposito & Samir Landser

Title: Alberto Esposito & Samir Landser

Alberto is too boring for the ultimate horny pig to fuck in bed. He drags the German pig in-training outside and shoves his Spanish glory cock into his mouth. Bearded Samir deepthroats his fleshy beast. Finally, muscle pig Alberto goes to show how cock swallow Samir as he drops to his knees. He swallows so deep – spit threads drip from his face. So fueled, Alberto has the fuck lust in his eyes. He licks the pussy and pushes him harshly in his cock between the ass cheeks. Samir is a skilled young pussy and his ass can withstand a lot. The German presses his pelvis against Alberto spanking him as his cock goes even deeper in the ass. Alberto now turns the tables climb on top of the German. Samir in on his knees as Alberto’s cum shot hits him in the middle of the face and then he pisses on him for a sensational conclusion.

Jonny Chill Solo

Title: Jonny Chill Solo

Today we introduce a new amateur Jonny Chill. Jonny is definitely very chilled and very much a confident sexy guy. He’s from Germany and has only been in Australia for a short while but is definitely loving being young and single and travelling the world tasting what man delights he can wherever he goes. He loves to suck (and indeed swallow) but as this is a solo shoot we got him to do the vacuuming – he builds up quite a sweat and has to remove his top showing off his lean, defined body. He then gets a bit slack on the job and lies down in bed and starts feeling himself. Slowly he removes his clothes and jerks himself and he fingers his own ass. An impressive cum shot concludes this wonderful solo – looks like he might have to do the washing as well!

Johnny V

Title: Johnny V

This week, Johnny V shows us how much he enjoys stroking his big cock and playing with his hole. During the setup for a shoot, Johnny decides he is horny. So he walks into the bathroom and starts showing off and stroking his hard cock. Of course we do not complain and just let the cameras roll as we capture this impromptu stroke session. After feeling his rock hard muscles, pec bouncing, and stroking for a bit, he moves over to sit down. Johnny then begins milking his meat for some of that Johnny V precum he loves to taste. He puts it in his hole and starts to finger himself causing him to blow a monster load of white cum all over.


Kyle Steele & Mason Lear BAREBACK in Charlotte

Title: Kyle Steele & Mason Lear BAREBACK in Charlotte

Fourth of July holiday is cumming up and the guys on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip and filled with patriotism and the desire to have fun outdoors. Making good use of the warm weather – Kyle and Mason are out by the pool – playing frisbee and taking a dip. The sight of each other’s muscled bodies in their stars and stripes shorts is enough to get them super horny so they head back inside for a bareback fuck fest. The two flip-flop in a raw cock pounding that will have you running up your flag pole and saluting!