Sahara Leone – 3rd Wheel

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RepoMan Vol 1 E3

As Dana (Dana DeArmond) and her stepdaughter (Ember Snow) prepare to leave the house, Dana spots a tow truck driver (James Deen) hooking her car. Desperate, she’s fully prepared to do “anything and everything” to convince the RepoMan from taking her car. Ember cringes watching the RepoMan as he gives her Stepmom a relentless facefuck. Dana needs Ember to assist her; she reluctantly agrees as RepoMan stuffs his monster cock down their throats. It’s not long before RepoMan is hard-fucking every hole. The determined sluts love getting their cunts licked, gagging on spit-coated cock, having their pussies stuffed with meat and their assholes pounded. RepoMan fucks them silly until he splatters both faces with a huge load of cum. Stepmom and her Stepdaughter share a cum-loving kiss. They both seem satisfied… until, that is, they see RepoMan drive off with their car in tow. Oh well, nice try…

Mira Hasegawa

Mira Hasegawa is a gorgeous Japanese girl with a sad friend. He’s been down all day long and she thinks she has the perfect plan to cheer him up. She gets him over to her apartment and asks him to sit on her sofa. That’s when she stands in front of him and slowly undresses to show off her petite and flawless young body. Ever the good hostess, she fetches him some tea before sitting back down, spreading her legs and masturbating for him while he sips. Then it’s time for her to get on her knees and take his throbbing cock into her warm mouth.